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Michelle Jin-Yu Huang


Michelle is American, Chinese, and Canadian. She grew up in Sugar Land, Texas with a Superwoman, a Geophysicist, and triplet siblings.

Michelle began acrylic painting under the guidance of artist Xinsheng Wang at seven and oil painting at nine. To this day his rich and dynamic style, a unique blend of Eastern freehand and Western form, continues to awe her. She both studied her teacher's works and sketched rigorously from life.

Michelle specializes in oil painting. The drive to pursue her own visions has always burned brightly. She desires to both grip tradition and seek fresh definitions, but she's still figuring this part out.

She currently attends Columbia University and spends many nights watching the sun rise from the studio. Recently, she spends as much time painting as climbing, with as much of a desire to climb big walls one day as to paint big (brick) walls. She also enjoys ice-skating and baking banana bread. A constant stream of painting ideas usually end up on sticky notes next to her bed and in required readings.

She greatly appreciates her family, friends, and teachers for supporting her, especially all her art teachers: Xinsheng Wang, Mrs. Brock, Mrs. Daniels, Mr. Stockman, Jeff Gottfried, Tim Vanya, Miguel Cardenas, Van Hanos, Mrs. Freeman, and Mrs. Chen. None of what she does would be possible without guidance and support from all of these wonderful people.